Amphibian Pump

As its name denotes, this pump can work inside and outside water. Pumpedwater is circulated inside to lubricate and cool the heating parts. Thus noexternal cooling is required. Most suitable for river side irrigation, firefighting, flame proof applications, filter point Bore wells, in places where water level varies frequently.



  • First of its kind in India
  • Totally capsuled construction. No seals, leakages.
  • Suction pipe can be connected when pumping from filter point bore wells and in well bore wells.
  • Noise free operation
  • Carbon graphite resin impregnated radial bearings for long bearing life
  • High quality precision ground stainless shaft for long bearing life
  • No gland packing, Mechanical seals to maintain
  • Rigid construction.
  • No foundation, Base plate, foundation bolts require


  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Industrial Water pumping systems
  • Strom water / Dewatering drainage pump
  • In firefighting systems
  • As a flame proof Pump
  • Riverside water pumping
  • Can be used as a regular pump with suction pipe and foot valve and as a submersible pump with strainer in the suction flange


ZEN series

Power 3hp to 10hp
Head up to 150 feet (45 mts)
Discharge up to 2300 LPM

JUMBO Series

Power12.5hp to 20hp
Head Up to 200 feet (60 mts)
Discharge2550 LPM (42 LPS)


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