Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering waste water, Rain water, storm water & sewage water in building basements, Hotels , construction sites , In water recycling applications to pumps out slushy water with semi solids and fibrous water The pump can run submerged and partly submerged to drain out waster water to maximum.


  • Dewatering rain water in low level areas
  • In hotels to pump out waste water
  • In STP plants
  • In building sites to pump seepage water
  • In removing sewerage , septic tank contents
  • In low level buildings to pump out storm water


  • Class B insulated motors with dry type windings
  • Fitted with Auto reset thermal relay to avoid over heating
  • Non clog impellers for pumping semi solids and fibrous suspended liquids
  • Fitted with Float switch to start the pump automatically when the water level raises
  • Fitted with auto rest thermal overload protector
  • Maintenance free pre lubricated sealed bearings


Power AC 230 Volts 50Hz Single Phase
Motor HP 1hp / 0.75 Kw
Delivery pipe size 2” (50mm)
Delivery head 15 mts
Discharge 340 LPM


Download Performance Chart