Little Submersible Pumpset

A cute , multi utility submersible pump. Designed for DIY (Do it yourself) concept. Pre assembled, pre coolant filled pump makes the pumps easy for installation. Just join a hose along with a nylon rope,join required length of cable and install it without ny installing gear like chain pulley block, tripod & Etc.


  • Suitable pumping water from 4” bore wells and shallow wells
  • Small building and gardens
  • Can replace Conventional Jet pumps


  • Head up to 170 feet depth
  • Discharge up to 100 LPM
  • Factory assembled and coupled motor and pumps makes installation easy.
  • High starting torque and works without starting capacitor
  • Factory filled coolant water with special additive to cool the winding and lubricate the bearings
  • Saves 60% power compared to Jet pump
  • SS 304 grade Motor and pump Body.
  • Noise less silent operation
  • Saves Floor space occupied by a jet pump


Power Supply AC 230 Volts 50Hz power supply
Motor Hp 0.5 hp & 1.0 Hp
Pump Size 1” x 1”
Max head Up to 46 meters
Dischargeup to 65 LPM

Download Performance Chart