V4 Submersible Pumpset

Bore Well submersible pumps for 100mm (4”) bore wells. High performance. Rigid construction. Suitable for discharge range 30 LPM to 500 LPM and Delivery head up 1330 feet. High head applications for narrow 4” bore holes
  • Can be used to pump water from 4” (100mm) or higher sized bore wells.
  • Most suitable for low discharge and deep bore wells.Light weight
  • Minimum power of 0.5hp to depth up to 180 feet makes even a small family to have their own water source.
  • Single phase 230 Volt pump can be used to pump water from a depth of 770 feet .


SAKTHI     :   5 star rated pump.  For best performance , high discharge, robust construction
EC Model  :  For Low voltage applications with aluminum rotor
FLORA      :    Tube Jacket type pump with Aluminum Rotor for Low voltage applications.
FORCE      :  Pump designed for high head per stage up to 25 feet per stage With Copper rotor


  • High Rigid   construction. Suitable for low discharge and High   head applications  from narrow 4” bore holes.
  • Fitted with Tilting pad floating carbon thrust bearings for Low Friction and high thrust loads.
  • Stainless steel Body for Anti corrosive and rust proof long life
  • S₁ Duty cycle for continuous operation
  • Re woundable Stator windings
  • Windings designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations
  • Carbon bearings for long trouble fee  performance
  • Pumps for deep holes 400 feet and above ( TUFF model ) specially designed to arrest whirling effect.
  • Dynamically balanced rotor and hydraulically balanced impellers increases the durability of the pump
  • Light weight enables the pumps connected to UPC or HDPE pipes.


0.5hp to 3hp in Single phase , 230 Volts, 50 Hz range, Head up to
0.5hp to 7.5hp in both Single phase 230 Volts and Three phase 415 Volts,
Pump Output:
Head Rangeup to
Pumps 100mm (4”) submersible pump
Headup to 407 meters (1330 feet)
Discharge up 540 LPM
Power ½hp (0.37kw) to 6hp (4kw)

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